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layout design is ready and the content is waiting for new works to be uploaded.
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Hello, I am Wilma

Welcome to my new website, a website that is set up to offer my own artworks online. You can scroll or search for different art disciplines or discover useful links. Some older study pieces serve as a design in my layout. It is amusing to see how the moods of the model determine the atmosphere of a page of the website. Current images are being revised for new work. The contact form remains under construction as long as my webshop is alo under construction. Best way forward is to contact me by e-mail .

Graphic Etchings

Page GRAPHIC ETCHINGS under contruction. Acid-free etching, and other modern methods to make gravure engravings. More work will be online in the future.


Page SCULPTURES under contruction. More work will be online in the future.


Page DRAWINGS under contruction. More work will be online in the future.

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Old website | 3D stuff

My visualisation Business Ai 3D STUDIO | ACTIVITIES HAVE STOPPED! And I will focus myself to become a sculpture artist with a new logo and website | TO CREATING ANOTHER ART STUFF! To older website off


Social Work

My thanks and credit goes to Font Awesome icons and to Tooplate who have shared this template called Infinite Loop. If you want to be able to build such a website, go and inquire on the site and find FREE html templates which you can adjust yourself for your own websites. Go to the best free stuff in the World! TOOPLATE, I love it.


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Who I Am

Who I am or have been is not that important. What I do and whether I can create a movement is much more fun to share with you. If you still want to figure out everything about me as a person, go to my linkedin profile, then you know! I am transparent in the broadest sense of the word, can you say that too?